about our consulting 

Tailored to Your Needs

We take time to listen to your concerns. We don't dictate. We understand that you know your budget and what you want, and we want to implement solutions for your specific needs.


We have over 30 years of experience building secure networks, Virus Protection and Removal, Intrusion Detection, Disaster Recovery, Reporting, Network Monitoring,data recovery.


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Network Design

 Let us assist your company with the design and layout of your network, from the hardware, to firmware, to software.

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Recovery

We have extensive experience in multiple methods of data and application backup, disaster recovery systems and data recovery.

Antivirus Protection

Let us inventory your computers and/or networks for possible viruses and implement the latest technology for virus protection!


We are skilled in creating reports from a variety of sources including, but not limited to: Excel, SQL Server, Access, MySql, websites, etc. Talk to us about your reporting needs. We can also automate reports based on the logic you specify.

WIFI Configuration

Need to extend your wifi? Need a mesh network or multiple access points? Call the GeekArmy!

Computer Repair

Sometimes it's something simple and it is easy to fix. Other times, it requires a great deal of time to repair a computer. We analyze your needs up front and give you options that will keep your costs lower. Does it make sense to fix a computer that is 5 or more years old versus buying a newer, faster and probably less expensive computer and moving your data to the new pc? We will give you our honest opinion and let you make the call!

Our Services

We are a full service company offering:
Virus Removal
Intrusion Detection and safeguarding
Computer Repair
Wireless networking support
Access Control Systems
Structured Networking



(385) 626-0024